• Le blog de Dani Rodrick What’s Wrong With Our System Of Global Trade And Finance?

    9 juin, par Dani Rodrik
    That is what John Judis wanted to talk to me about, and we did. This over at TPM is what came out. By the way, Judis' book on populism is great. It makes an important distinction between right-wing and left-wing...
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Why Did So Many Cheer Turkey's Democracy While It Was Dying?

    25 avril, par Dani Rodrik
    Claire Berlinski’s excellent account of the Western (and domestic) observers who cheered on as Turkey was sliding into authoritarianism reminds me of a point I long wanted to make. There was in Erdogan’s early years some reason to be (...)
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Prudential regulation, capital controls, and second-best

    20 avril, par Dani Rodrik
    A usual argument against the use of capital controls as a prudential measure is that it is always better to tackle problems at their source rather than trying to deal with symptoms. This is called the principle of economic targeting...
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Trade, redistribution, and social dumping

    18 avril, par Dani Rodrik
    I just saw this response from Joel Trachtman to my column "Too Late To Compensate Free Trade's Losers." Trachtman argues that "the fundamental problem of winners and losers will not be solved by these changes." I do not disagree. (...)
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Dismal thoughts about the Turkish referendum

    18 avril, par Dani Rodrik
    I don’t write a lot on Turkey these days. (My latest piece was published last September. It was on Erdogan’s missed opportunities to enter history books as a truly great leader, rather than the corrupt tyrant he seems destined (...)
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Ariel Rubinstein on Economics Rules

    13 mars, par Dani Rodrik
    The great Ariel Rubinstein has a review of my book Economics Rules in the latest issue of the Journal of Economic Literature. It is a fun review – gratifying for me because Ariel agrees with many of my arguments –...
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick A Foreword to Kari Polanyi Levitt

    8 mars, par Dani Rodrik
    I was recently asked to write a foreword to the Mexican edition of Kari Polanyi Levitt’s From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization. Kari is Karl Polanyi's daughter, and the essays in her book -- part memoir, part (...)