• Le blog de Dani Rodrick More on distinguishing ideas and interests -- an exchange with Peter Hall

    19 janvier, par Dani Rodrik
    My recent post on ideas versus interests elicited some comments from Peter Hall, my Harvard colleague who has done probably more thinking on this issue than any other scholar I know. With his permission, I am attaching these comments (...)
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick My Twitter account has been hacked

    18 janvier, par Dani Rodrik
    In case you read some weird tweets on my @rodrikdani account.... it seems to have been taken over or hacked (as of around 3:30 pm today). The password has been changed and I cannot access it. UPDATE: I have regained...
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Has Global Finance Reformed Itself More Than It Appears?

    18 janvier, par Dani Rodrik
    The answer is yes, according to Ilene Grabel in her fascinating new book When Things Don't Fall Apart. I wrote a preface for the book, which is reproduced below. It explains why I liked the book so much. It happens...
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick Telling interests and ideas apart

    16 janvier, par Dani Rodrik
    A long standing debate in the social sciences is whether behavior is driven by “interests” or “ideas.” The debate is central in political science, where it plays out as an argument between realists and constructivists. It is less well (...)
  • Le blog de Dani Rodrick The Economics Debate, again and again

    Décembre 2017, par Dani Rodrik
    The debate on the economics profession – its alleged ills and failings -- abates at times, but never ends. A recent piece in The Guardian taking the profession to task for its lack of reform has prompted a response from...